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Realization Process and BIPOC Experience Spring 2024

An exploration of race, trauma, culture, and identity in our bodies, our histories, and our lives today

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Realization Process and BIPOC Experience Spring 2024
Realization Process and BIPOC Experience Spring 2024

Time & Location

Feb 21, 2024, 7:00 PM EST

With Theresa Scott and Sono Hashisaki

About the Event

This online Realization Process (RP) offering is intended as an application of RP to everyday life. We will explore our own histories and experience of racial, intergenerational, and collective trauma to discover patterns of tension, confusion and conflict from both internalized and external experience. The intended outcome of this course is greater resilience, understanding, and appreciation to better inhabit the full context of our identities. Theresa and Sono will guide you to use RP to uncover and claim your own strength, agency, and wholeness within a safe container.  Previous experience with RP is required to participate.

Course Format: The course includes four facilitated 2-hour sessions, plus a 4-hour workshop, including exercises, discussions, breakouts, and sharing. Race, Trauma, Culture, and Identity will, in turn, each be the focus of a single session.

Eligibility: Participants should have at least five hours of prior experience with the Realization Process practices with Judith Blackstone or a senior Realization Process teacher in classes, workshops or private sessions (not a recording or a book). We ask that you have proficiency/familiarity with the two main Realization Process practices: 1) Attunement to Fundamental Consciousness, and 2) Core Breath.  If you do not already have these prerequisites, for an additional $40, you can attend an introduction to the Realization Process, with either Sono, or theresa, or participate in an approved event listed here:

Spring 2024 meeting dates: February 21, March 13, 27, and April 1, at 7 PM to 9 PM Eastern, plus a 4-hour workshop on March 2nd, 1 PM to 5:30 PM Eastern, with a 45-minute meal break. 

Class size is limited to 12 people.

Cost: $380*

Early registration by February 1:    $330

Repeat: $280

*Tuition assistance is available upon request.

The pre-requisite class with Theresa is on February 7, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM Eastern.  The pre-requisite class with Sono is on February 10, 1 PM to 3 PM Eastern.

Questions: email Theresa at or Sono at

Sono Hashisaki and Theresa Scott are fully certified Realization Process Teachers with additional certifications in RP Trauma Repair, Stillness Moving, and the Empathic Ground. We have both been practicing RP for over a decade and teach RP online and in person. Please see our profiles at to learn more about Theresa and Sono.

Practices, topics, and questions we will work with include:

·        Building a safe container for participants to apply the tools of RP.

·        Interiority in the external world.

·        Race, culture, gender/sexuality, or other.

·        Uncovering the strengths and challenges of family, lineage, and culture.

·        Unwinding and disentangling the constrictions that inhibit being present to all of our experience, our history, and greater wholeness.

·        Claiming our agency and resilient wholeness; being present to all aspects of ourselves and our experience.

·        Becoming aware of our constructed identity, realizing there is more, and claiming that ‘more.’

What people are saying about this course:

"The Realization Process and Race series offered me a safe and supportive space to explore my personal experiences while applying the Realization Process practices. I've learned a lot more about myself and my relationships by participating in this series. I now feel more confident and have more capacity to face how the issue of race has shaped me as a person living in today's world. Theresa and Sono are open-hearted facilitators who were able to hold space for the group with kindness and respect. I'm grateful for being able to take part in this unique journey." Thomas

“Theresa and Sono, your mastery, your sincerity, your authenticity and your preparation imbued me with a sense of absolute safety, trust and confidence!  I felt a particular kind of joy and engagement from you as if this was an exciting and unique endeavor, like this was an expedition into familiar territory with a twist that delighted you.

I loved the vibe of this group. As a person who is used to either being in the margin of a group or as being a unicorn, a person seeking understanding in these spaces yet who is not from the dominant culture, it was profoundly refreshing to be simply a seeker among seekers. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for creating this space where we can seek from a lighter, freer, much less encumbered place. ” David S.

“Thank you so much Theresa and Sono for all you have given me and for acknowledging my presence, power, love, and voice as an Asian woman.

If you are a part of the Black, Indigneous, Body of Culture - People of Color community and hope to learn ways to embody all of who you are, and be with other communities of culture who will resonate with your stories related to race or racialized trauma, you will be welcomed and seen with safety and warmth. Theresa and Sono will hold you in a powerful space with incredible dignity." Gina K.

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