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November: A Month (or Week) of RP Practice (2021)

Meditating on a consistent basis is a powerful message to ourselves that we are worth our own attention. Let's practice Realization Process together for the month of November.

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November: A Month (or Week) of RP Practice (2021)
November: A Month (or Week) of RP Practice (2021)

Time & Location

Nov 01, 2021, 1:00 PM EDT – Nov 30, 2021, 2:15 PM EST

Weekdays November 1-30, on Zoom

About the Event

We will start with the basic Realization Process practices to deepen our integration of those practices, and through the month, work on various "stretches" to facilitate the more advanced practices in which we will engage later in the month.  NEW: join us for the first week of practice only.  We will practice together as a group Monday through Friday, for 60 to 75 minutes.  If you are participating in the full month of practice, one 50-minute private session (optional) is included in your registration fee.   Classes will be recorded (audio only) and shared with registered participants.  The full month of practice is limited to 16 participants.

Cost: $400  Returning Students: $350 *  1st week of practice only: $100

(*Returning Students, meaning someone who has already participated in a Realization Process Month of Weekday Practice with me, email for a discounted invoice)

What people are saying about this course:

"I am happily surprised & delighted by the real & noticeable beneficial "side effects" of doing the month-long daily practice.  Without effort or forcing anything, I was noticeably more grounded & more present after just one week.  I looked forward to every session & cannot wait until the next month of practice!" 

Ashley, TN

"This course was amazing for deepening and stabilizing my RP practice.  It made a significant positive difference in the progression of my spiritual growth. My experience was very centering, grounding and very healing.  Theresa is a skilled, warm and very knowledgeable teacher.  I am looking forward to taking her next month-long class.  "

S. Patrick, Flagstaff, AZ

"Theresa is a wonderful teacher: experienced, knowledgeable, clear, sensitive, compassionate, and fun.  I always feel safe and welcomed in her courses, and I find myself also having fun.  She can be light and easy, as well as able to work with deep teachings and difficult emotions.  When I ask for guidance with an issue I am facing, I have always found her to have a helpful response or suggestion."

J. Fitzgerald, Kingston, NY

“I offer Theresa such deep gratitude for her ego-less humility, wisdom, and the grace of how she presents this very deep material. It is clear she embodies the work, and comes from such an amazingly sweet and strong presence.

I found deep emotional and energetic healing within this practice, and I was excited to learn new aspects of self that I had not seen or been aware of in a very long time. This course truly changed my trajectory in my path of healing and evolution, and I will always be grateful for the experience!!”

J.A., Charleston, S.C.

“I loved the course and got a lot out of it. The instructor holds the space very wisely and neutrally, which allowed us to explore and observe our experience in a very welcoming open space. I particularly liked the relational work and found it inspiring to use this method to connect more deeply with others. The individual session gave me the chance to work on areas I felt stuck and was very supportive. Great course and great supportive environment for spiritual exploration.”

Mona, Ottawa, Canada

“I find that this process really invites an embodied spaciousness, an “allness".  It is so very hard to explain the degree of openness and freedom.  Today on the second exercise it was instantaneous, the grounding and spaciousness of the different “chakra” areas.  It is hard not to want to do these guided meditations all day.  It just takes me to such a joyful place.  I can see that the more you do these exercises the more organic it becomes.  So exciting!”

A.D., Canada

“The two benefits I obtained from this training are deeper connection: to myself, others, the world, and imperturbability.  Many of us feel cut off,  yet we are deeply connected to every other living thing because we share the same consciousness.  The Realization Process allows us to experience this deep connection that is already there.

The Realization Process trains you to be deeply grounded in a state of inner peace, undisturbed by the formerly upsetting emotional content or vibrations or behaviour of the people around you.  You can remain grounded, imperturbable, in this place of inner peace in the presence of an angry or upset person.  You maintain your sensitivity, but you are less disturbed by it - these vibrations flow right through you and they don’t stick."

S.M. Olympia, Washington

"This is an extraordinary commitment to make to oneself."

B.C.  Edinburgh, Scotland

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